Unexpectedly Okay

I took the red eye to Abu Dhabi last night, and it wasn’t so bad!

Earlier in the week I dreaded Friday night’s 9 hour flight to UAE, which was to be followed by another 8 hours to England. I was contemplating if it was worth bidding for a business class seat for $500 just to sleep comfortably for 9 hours. I decided to suck it up.

Whenever I travel for work, all that’s in my backpack are the laptop, phones, passport and wallet. I stack all my other travel essentials in the check in luggage. But with all the trash from flights that continiously break my heart, and with all the news about the virus, I loaded my handy dandy work backpack with more stuff than usual – a travel blanket, neck pillow, disinfectant spray, eye mask, and my personal earphones.

When the plane took off at 1AM, I tried the neck pillow (which I have not used in a flight in years). It made me bend my neck down – quite awkward and uncomfortable and I silently reprimanded myself for the bad call. And then I thought of putting it around me like a necklace instead of a neck rest and it worked perfectly! I managed to get a good six hours’ sleep!

I am now boarding to my connecting flight to Heathrow, and the morning sun’s up. I plan to rewatch Parasite on this trip and enjoy what’s offered in Etihad’s entertainment suite.

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By MrsWayfarer

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