London Express

My flight was at 9:30 PM so that meant I had time to spend in London. Woohoo! See, I planned to do that on the weekend I landed but was kept indoors because of Storm Dennis. Luck was on my side when I checked the weather forecast for that Friday – no chance of rain.

With my heavy luggage in tow I jumped on the train from Cambridge Station to Kings Cross. As soon as I got to Kings Cross it was a good thing I checked with Information where I could get the Heathrow Express tickets. She told me it would be at Paddington Station. Bummer, I didn’t do my research on that. So when Jay, my nephew whom I have not seen in a long time arrived, we headed to Paddington, checked in my luggage, bought my one way London Express ticket, hopped on an Uber and headed to Chinatown for late lunch. Not just an ordinary Uber – Jay booked us a swanky car! His way of welcoming me in London.

My nephew Jay

After a hearty meal, we walked towards our next destination: the British Museum. On the way there we passed by Palace Theatre, where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is currently being shown.

Palace Theatre, London

Finally, we reached the British Museum. There was a queue and bags were inspected. Entrance was free, and boy it WAS PACKED. Wasn’t able to spend too much time inside as I couldn’t literally get anywhere near anything. But overall it was an impressive museum as the building was grand and it houses lots of ancient artifacts from around the world. So we just walked briskly around and looked at the display from afar. I’d say if I had more time and it wasn’t a school day I would go back. And I’d definitely also squeeze in time to explore the National Gallery (this was my original plan that last weekend, but alas the wind and rain stopped me).

The British Museum

So we hopped on a black taxi (when in London) and headed off to Buckingham Palace. We passed by The Savoy Hotel (Nottinghill movie location), Trafalgar Square, The Mall, and then to The Queen’s home. And she was there – Jay pointed to the flag indicating her presence.

Then we walked to the Big Ben (which was under construction works). We walked through the beautiful St James Park, which I’d say was the highlight of my short tour of London. There were squirrels, swans, birds I’ve seen for the first time. Greens and nature will always top my list whenever I discover new places. For the first time in my life I’ve seen black swans!

We finally crossed River Thames via Westminster Bridge. That was out last stop before heading back to Paddington Station so I can go to Heathrow Airport where my long flight home awaited. Four hours in London was ok, wish I could spend a longer time next time. If it weren’t for my nephew I wouldn’t have navigated my way quickly. It was always nice to catch up and explore a new place with family or friends. He even helped me find a proper red phone booth for my Instagram. Thanks and until next time, Jay!

London Eye and the River Thames
No trip to London would be complete without a photo of this

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