Painting by Numbers

I’ve been busy. I hardly noticed the time, didn’t realize been missing out on blogging for days now. But that’s ok. Last weekend until now my focus had been on my new hobby: painting by numbers.

I searched the net for this as I realized that it’s been two months since I had an art workshop. I stumbled upon an online store that sells these and decided to give it a try. I know it’s gonna be different from painting from scratch, but my main goal was to detox from TV and internet during the time I complete a project. So I bought 2 sets, because I thought each was gonna be easy peasy. I was wrong.

So this came in the box; the canvas with numbers, pots of oil paint, and 3 pieces of brushes: 2 had finer tips, and 1 had a broader coverage.

First two days I completed half. Been itching for the weekend since then because I was excited to see the finished product. Second weekend flew by and I still have to do Number 9 which was for the white paint. I guess I’ll complete the work next Saturday then.

Was too caught up doing the fine details of the painting, that I surprised myself after stopping this Sunday afternoon to look at the bigger picture. It will pass! My sister asked me what I would do after I complete it and my answer was instant: I would move on to the next project. Can’t wait!

This is what I got from the box
The almost finished product
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By MrsWayfarer

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