What’s Today?

It’s only been two weeks and it feels like two months. Still letting these days sink in and remind myself from time to time that this is not an episode of Black Mirror come to life.

True, work from home keeps me busy throughout the day, but before and after that the only voices come from the TV or music streaming from Chrome. I look out the window and see no one. While on a conference call earlier I was pacing around next to my window and my eyes lit up at the sight of a bird perching on my window ledge. The simple joys in life!

I’ll try my best to go home to my hometown this weekend. Pedro is waiting for me (I think), though I doubt he has any idea of what the world is going through these challenging times).

Thank you for dropping by. I wish you health and safety wherever you are. We’ll all beat this!

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference

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