April 1

Well What d’ya know, the first quarter of the year had already gone by. I’m having mixed emotions – felt like time flew by so fast, yet being more than 2 weeks in on lockdown it also felt like forever.

This month would have been the month we would meet up with my sister and brother-in-law at Hiroshima, Japan. This month would have marked the first vacation leave I’ll have this year. But about a week ago I cancelled our flights and hotel bookings with a heavy heart. And even if I didn’t, we still wouldn’t be able to go as our Japan Visas have become suspended a few days ago.

On a good note I have started adjusting to the quarantined life. I’m counting the blessings each day. Earlier today I had pancakes! And the sound of birds chirping througout the hot summer day was music to my ears.

Thanks for bearing with my rants over the last two weeks. I’ll try to be back to my cheery self starting tomorrow. Wherever you are, please stay safe!

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


  1. hoping you can resume your travel plans towards the end of the year, or maybe early next year! Despite the lockdown, time does go by fast – gives me hope that one day we will look back and feel like this too was just a brief moment in time! Keep well ❤ Nadia

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