I was cleaning the bedroom when a piece of flower-shaped cutout landed on the floor. As I held and gazed at it, it took me some time to recall that I was the one who cut it, three years ago, when I was also on self-quarantine. I finally found the source – a Kirigami booklet I bought from Daiso.

Kirigami originates from Japan. It’s nature is almost like the Origami but it involves folding and cutting of paper, without the need for glue. I remembered thinking it would be a piece of cake and I’d finish the booklet’s activities in one sitting, and proving myself wrong at the time. It entails precision and a lot of patience. Glad to have found this – to add diversity to my things to do apart from working from home.

My Kirigami workbook
Today’s project: kissing birds, elephants and donkeys. The twin flowers was what prompted me to revisit this hobby.
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By MrsWayfarer

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