Yellow Road

This week we were supposed to be in Hiroshima. Was looking forward to seeing my sister and brother-in-law, and hopefully cherry blossoms. Alas that’s not gonna happen. But that won’t stop us from looking back on pictures or watching travel vlogs online.

So when my brother and E sent me a video of their street filled with yellow petals from the Narra tree, he and I had the same thought: it’s the Philippines’ tropical sakura.

Narra is our national tree. Coincidentally it’s also the name of the street where we grew up. I don’t remember seeing this much yellow during my growing years though. I think back then there was only one Narra tree in our street. Now that our street is lined up with more Narra trees this yellow road is quite a sight. It only happens in summer, when the Narra tree’s flowers bloom. Simple wonder, yet so amazing. Nature at its best!

A candid photo of my brother, the yellow specked narra tree behind him
Yellow road
The street where I grew up,
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