Oregano Tea, Anyone?

I saw this plant growing in multiple areas of our yard and quickly checked on Google Lens to find out what it was. So, this plant is oregano. I was so used to seeing the dried and crushed form of this herb in our spice rack that I didn’t know we have this growing abundantly in our backyard.

Homegrown oregano

My aunt got Seedling No. 1 from the community garden. What started out as a tiny plant quietly tucked in the corner of our mini pot garden propagated into small plants whose bright green leaves cqtch my attention every time I pass by. My aunt said that it took about a month for the plants to propagate. Leaning closer its scent is pleasant, almost minty. I was determined to find out what I could do to use this herb right away.

Thanks to YouTube I got to watch videos of the oregano’s benefits and uses. Getting four leaves, I steeped them in a cup of boiling water, added honey and drank the tea after dinner. It has no taste, but I saw from the internet that it’s good for clearing out the lungs. Its leaves can also be crushed and placed on the skin to soothe insect bites. I’ll keep this in mind as summer is the season of mosquitos, so who knows I might need this too.

Do you have any tips on what else I can do with this wonderful herb?

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By MrsWayfarer

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