On The Dot

This little fella’s still quite mysterious (and moody) to me so I have yet to understand how to read him. There are days he’s quite chatty, and keeps following anyone he sees around (my aunt as she goes to the far end of the backyard to the compost bin, or me and D when we hang clothes to dry at the yard). Sometimes he’s Pedro the bulldog’s shadow, following him wherever he goes and sleeping next to him. There are days he’s chill with Rex and Theon, and there are days he is quite irritable with Theon (who, though he’a already seven years old still acts as if he’s a pup). Today we couldn’t tell where he was hanging out as he couldn’t be bothered even when we looked like fools meowing to beckon him.

One thing I’m sure of though: everyday at five in the afternoon he’ll walk towards the patio door and announce (or stare at us until we acknowledge his presence) it’s dinner time.

Meow’s such a boss and he’s got D wrapped around his little claw.

Where’s my dinner, humans?
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By MrsWayfarer

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