Another Painting by Numbers Project

I lost count of how long it’s been, really. But I know how many more days to go til lockdown is over. Was talking to someone at work earlier and she said she’s looking forward to going back to the office and be with actual people. I said me too. And we started counting the days. I did so softly though, didn’t want to jinx it because a small thought pops up every once in a while if this lockdown will yet be extended again. The first time our President announced the extension, it was devastating but we knew it was necessary.

So I shifted my focus to my work in progress: I think it’s my fourth? I also lost count on this. Until maybe the frames I ordered online get delivered so I can properly hang these up on the wall, I’d remember how many I’ve done so far. It was my friend who convinced me to frame these as they were, after all, done with care and concentration. One thing’s for sure, buying these Paint by Numbers sets was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. And the second best decision was buying more of these a week in to the enhanced quarantine period. This was really a good way to destress and keep calm at the end of each day.

The daily progress since last weekend
The end product. I know where I’d hang this.
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By MrsWayfarer

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