Yard Flowers

My sister and I don’t have to go far to find these lovelies.

In my case I don’t have much flowers in my yard and much of what I have are herbs, fruit trees and veggies. So for the few flowers I have, I treat them like gems because though they’re not that many, their bright colors never fail to catch my gaze. A big plus – this week, while I walked out at our garden, I saw dragonflies! I haven’t seen any since we volunteered to do treeplanting at Caliraya, Laguna in 2017. Whenever I see dragonflies my mind would be transported back to my childhood days when my brother and I would try to catch them gently and set them free afterwards.

A BIG sunflower
Baby sunflowers

In the land down under, my sister takes pride in the flowers in their yard. Most of them are purple because this stands out to bees and butterflies so she wanted to invite them over as much as she can.

Brachysome daisies
Scaevola mauve – the newest in their yard
(Front) Chocolate thyme and (Back) brachysome daisies
Grevillea – the birds love these
Another correa that the birds love to frolick on
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