Extended Work From Home

Through the years, my sweet boy
Through the years, my sweet boy

So the not so big news yesterday was that the enhanced community quarantine, aka lockdown, is extended for Metro Manila, along with other provinces like Laguna, from the 1st of May through the 15th. It’s not good news but inevitable.

That means a few more weeks of working from home for me and D. And because we’re now back to the suburbs and our internet connection here has a cap, D decided to increase our data plan to unlimited. I was shocked to see 4TB data on my phone early this morning. I remember we were down to 120GB til end of the month last time I checked. That means I can binge watch Netflix this weekend. Hooray!

Work From Home – I think it’ll be the new norm after all this. Come to think of it, when will these challenging times end? At first I said to myself I’m giving it. 2 months. Now that we’re on that 2nd month, I’ve come to terms that things will never be the same.

Going back WFH. I asked my friends and while for some, majority of their companies’ workforce are still not WFH-capable, there are others who’ve been equipped even before all this began. For those who were able to adjust their company policies during the early days of lockdown, most of them are planning on having this setup continue until there is a COVID-19 vaccine. I think that’s a wise move.

For me, what WFH means is more time spent with my 2 senior dogs, Rex and Pedro. I bet they’re happy that D and I are here all the time. We’re happy to be working next to them too! Here are some of the good things I consider from working from home:

  • First and foremost: we are safe, and we help the community keep safe.
  • Being able to savor breakfast as I don’t have to rush out to commute.
  • Shaving off 2 hours of commute and being able to save up on Grab fares.
  • Homecooked lunch. Home brewed coffee and iced tea.
  • I can get to listen to music in the background.
  • Clothes I have not worn for a long time are finally being used.
  • On breaks, I can do my 7-minute YouTube workouts.
  • For D, he’s able to finally grow a moustache and a beard (not my favorite), which I’ve never seen him do ever since I’ve met him. ]`

Sharing some pics from my home and my sister’s in Victoria: WFH at its best.

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. Hello from London! It’s hard to know when anything will change isn’t it? I’ve been working remotely here for 6 weeks now, and while our company are already talking about a phased reintroduction, with social distancing measure the offices won’t have room for everyone anyway!

    Just trying to keep my motivation at the moment and take it day by day…

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  2. Hi/Namaste from India. Kudos for thinking of the pseudonym to write under. I swear by my wayfarers when I used to travel to office which was eons ago or seems like. Losing out on the patience due to the lockdown. Though, better safe than sorry. Thanks for sharing and much appreciated!

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