Throwback Travels: Budapest

Time for another trip to memory lane, and this time my mind brings me back to Budapest, Hungary.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. Our trip to Budapest back then was a last-minute decision, something we thought of to check out as much places as much as we can during our 9-day vacation. It was our first time in Europe, and my flight was compliments of Delta via KLM. It was my first time to make use of my miles too.

As far as I can remember, we decided to go to Budapest for an overnight stay. We took the train from Vienna, checked in the Mercure Budapest Castlehill, which was close to the train station and rushed out to make the most out of our short stay there. We crossed Vermezo Park, had a quick stop at the Hospital in the Rock Museum, and headed out to Castle District. From then on, I was probably walking around with my mouth agape, as I took in the magnificence of the historical architecture around me.

And guess what – my digicam battery died on me. i resorted to my oldschool phone camera at the time but the resolution was just not good. Yes, my friends, first full day in Europe, and the only day in Budapest, and I didn’t have a lot of photos. On a plus side, both D and I were able to spend time actually admiring what was around us.

Reminsicing now, I’d say D and I just have to go back for a proper (longer) stay in Budapest. Maybe next time we will have a chance to go to the unbeaten path and get to know Hungary more – definitely explore the countryside.

Train station, Budapest, 2010
Old Town Hall Buda
Hungarian Parliament Building across the Danube River
Fisherman’s Bastion
A very pixelated shot taken from my fliptop mobile phone, 2010
Hospital in the Rock Museum

By MrsWayfarer

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    1. For the places I’ve been to before the age of digital photos, I’m trying my best to remember them. Remember the days when one would have film developed at a studio? I was too lazy to be bothered at the time 😔


  1. I love that this was a last minute decision, and it’s so great when you just happen to pick such a great place! I was there last summer, but I can’t believe I didn’t go to the Fisherman’s Bastion…good excuse to go back though I think 🙂

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    1. Thanks Beck, it was a good decision indeed. We were new to traveling at the time and honestly I didn’t know much about Budapest. So when I found it’s a short train ride away from Vienna (our main destination) we grabbed the chance. Europe is such a long flight from Philippines so we had to make the most of our stay. Will definitely go back!

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  2. Hungary is definitely on my bucket list when I am able to travel again! I wish I could have gone last year when I had the chance- thanks for allowing me to armchair travel through your pictures haha 💛

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