So Hot

Day 52 of the Manila lockdown – Starting today I will just call it lockdown because typing Enhanced Community Quarantine takes too long.

And can I just say: THE HEAT IS DEFINITELY ON!

I wanted to work in my “bedroom office” today for a change, so that meant Pedro and Rex spends the day roaming at the garage and the yard as no one will open the door for them because we’re upstairs. That meant they had more than two showers today because it’s been so hot and humid. Even the wind is hot.

And because it’s summer at its best, I finally got to use the frozen mangoes I stowed in the freezer yesterday. A summer perk in the Philippines – the season of sweet mangoes! I had one too many mangoes delivered last weekend so freezing them had to be done as they ripened so quickly!

Made us mango shake using 4 ingredients: frozen mangoes, milk, cold water and chia seeds. It turned out yummy! A good way to beat the hot tropical summer.

Next time we’ll try using soy melon milk for the shake.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


  1. Ack. Yup. The heat has started here as well….however we had a very strange cold front tome in for a few days! Bizarre! Next week it shoots right back up though. 😅Your shake looks delicious! And I’ve never thought to put chia seeds in my smoothies! That’s pretty cool! Thank You and Cheers!!! ❤️


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