Indoor Walking

Since this lockdown I usually stayed up late tossing and turning in bed. D says it’s because of my sedentary lifestyle. There goes my plan of having some form of physical workout at least once a day.

Well, a little 60 days in and I’ve finally stopped procrastinating. I’m proud to say that for five days now I’ve diligently stuck to my schedule for my 7 to 20 minute workout: one as I wake up in the morning, and another after I get end my day working from home. Thanks to my favorite YouTube channel by Lucy Wyndham-Read, I have a variety of short workouts to choose from so my muscles will get challenged.

Today I did the 1 Mile Walk at Home. With 5 days in I feel more lively! And this photo helps me imagine I’m walking outdoors, breathing fresh, crisp air.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


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