Finally made my way back to the city. On the way, it felt surreal looking at the still empty streets. Soon I imagine the traffic will be busier – not fully for now I think. Metro Manila is on modified enhanced quarantine. So that means select industries can have part of their workforce go back to work. D and I are still working from home, but at least now I made my way back to the apartment for a different view.

Woke up to no sounds of birds, but the sound of water drops from the room above hitting the aircon box outside my window. D went back to the suburbs so Pedro and the fur gang has company. I miss working with Pedro sleeping next to my feet.

So, to keep me preoccupied (other than work from home), I have this! My nth painting by numbers project. Took me two months to do this!

Painting by numbers day by day

Keep safe wherever you are!


By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


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