Throwback Travels: Caliraya, Laguna

Let me take you to a weekend getaway with my family to Lake Caliraya, Laguna, back in November 2017. We wanted to bring my aunt and uncle who were visiting from California somewhere closer to nature for a change. Lake Caliraya was less than 3 hours away from Makati City, and I found a pretty good deal in AirBnB: a lakehouse with a gameroom, kayaks, paddleboat, and standup boards. A big plus was that it was away from all the noise of the city.

It was an overnight stay only and internet signal wasn’t strong then. We were able to spend quality time catching up and playing billiards. My aunt liked the place such that she and my cousins went back. And then my cousins and my nephew and niece liked the place so they also went back. I think after this lockdown my family have to go back too. Sometimes when I’m working from home I imagine I’m at the lakehouse. That would have been a blast. Oh well, it’s free to dream.

View from the courtyard
Gameroom – fave room in the house

By MrsWayfarer

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