New Wave Hits

When I was in fifth grade I remember my dad bought me my very first casette player. I cherished that gadget and that started my interest in collecting tapes. I would browse through my older cousins kuya Memeng and kuya Peppers’ tape collection, play New Wave hits and press the rewind button to repeat songs that I liked.

Today I’m spending most of the day on my new painting by numbers piece, with these songs at the background. Everytime I hear these songs, my mind would wander back to childhood days when my brother and I were playing or hanging out with family at my grandma’s terrace. Simple yet happy days…

Sharing my New Wave playlist with you, and hoping that wherever you are in the world – you’re having a good day!

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


  1. Music is so powerful! It can bring back memories with a simple memory, transporting us through time and space. You’ve inspired me. I think I’ll put together a blog post of my classical favorites for the art studio.

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