Where My Love for Chocolates Began

Royce Black Chocolate
Royce Black Chocolate

I grew up not liking chocolates for some reason. I thought it was too thick so I gagged whenever I would have a bite of chocolate. So instead of munching them, I’d let it stay in my mouth until it’s fully melted.

And then October 2015 happened, and while I was browsing shops in Brussels’ Grand-Place, a friendly lady gave me a piece of chocolate for a free taste. I yielded after a moment’s hesitation, as I didn’t want to appear smug. And after that first bite, my world changed. I’ve been missing out big time on these goodies! What was I thinking?!

Now, I’m a sucker for chocolates – dark chocolates to be particular. My favorites are any Belgian chocolates, and then whenever I’m in Japan I’d always have a few Royce Black Chocolates in my carry on luggage, stocked up from the duty free shops of Narita or Haneda. In fact, just before I completed this blog, I had a yummy piece of moist chocolate cake delivered by Grab.

Royce Black Chocolate

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. Also a lover of Royce Chocolate! I was like this with ice cream, only started enjoying it a couple years ago and til today very picky about it. But if you want to make me happy, give me a chocolate… welcome to the dark side ! 😀

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