Ninja Trick House, Tokyo

When D and I were in Shinjuku in October 2016, I found that the Ninja Trick House was just a couple of blocks away from the hotel where we were staying. I remember I had a bad case of sore throat and colds when we got to Tokyo the night before, so as soon as I felt better the next night, D and I headed to this place. We came with high expectations because we read a lot of good reviews about it from TripAdvisor. We were not disappointed.

The location was a easy to miss though, and thankfully we had Google maps. We climbed four stories up, registered and paid 1000 yen per person, and after a few minutes, the guy who met us at the reception dramatically opened the stage – this time clad in a Ninja costume. He gave us the history of ninjas and showed us some of the equipment ninjas used. He let us hold the ninja’s sword, and the most fun part was when D and I took turns throwing and aiming the ninja stars. D was better than me, and had a laugh whenever I threw my ninja star.

Overall the introduction to Ninja and thei tricks took about 30 minutes. When our session ended, another couple was already waiting at the registration area. Our host was an awesome guy, and for sure his next guests would have had a blast.

Entrance to the Ninja Trick House
Ninja Stars
The Wayfarers, aka Wannabe Ninjas

By MrsWayfarer

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