Virtual Van Gogh Experience

Self Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, 1887

Hi friends! I wanted to share with you today the AirBnB Online Experience I participated in last weekend: Van Gogh Find Yourself by Walter, an international traveling artist based in New York City.

Prior to the session, Walter emailed me to come with paper and drawing materials, and set expectations that it was to going to be a ‘no judgement’ meet and greet kind of activity. I was all up for that.

First time I saw Walter, he was already busy sketching the participants who came in before me. He welcomed us all and encouraged us to also sketch away. Our group represented different parts of the world: Walter from the USA, and us participants from Philippines, Russia, Japan, and Brazil.

While he was sketching he started talking from Vincent Van Gogh’s perspective – his life and works. I was amazed at his expressions, he acted well. I felt I was listening to Vincent Van Gogh in person!

Prior to the activity, I didn’t really know much about Van Gogh other than his famous art pieces. After the online experience, I came to admire Van Gogh even more. Some of my favorite stories are how he was at awe by a caterpillar and nature, and how he would write to his brother regularly. Now I understand and appreciate the lyrics from Don McLean‘s song more.

During the session, Walter grouped us participants into pairs, and I had a chat with Maria. We attempted to sketch one another, and shared what we drew with the rest of the group. Walter also shared his sketches of us.

Here are my drawings of Maria and Walter.

Fun sketches I made during the Van Gogh Find Yourself activity

Overall, I had fun with my first AirBnB online experience. Can’t wait for the other activities I’ve booked!

By MrsWayfarer

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