5 Things I Am Missing

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I came across Salted Caramel’s 5 Things weekly feature and the topic is: 5 Things You Missed During Lockdown

I know restrictions in some countries have been eased. For us here in Metro Manila, it’s the same thing – but I’m one of the remaining many who are still stuck at home. So I’m writing this blog with longing and a tinge of sadness – I am, after all, in the third stage of this lockdown emotional cycle: I started off with a great deal of discomfort and denial, and then moved on a few weeks later to a feeling of acceptance and ability to have adapted to the way things were, and now I’ve slid back to the feeling of discomfort with annoyance and impatience this time.

Here are the five things I am so missing right now:

1. Traveling

2. Having the freedom and carefree feeling of going out anytime I want to to run even the simplest of errands.

3. Art Classes and After Work Activities

4. Being able to serve at our church and participating in mass with the community

5. Meeting up with Family and Friends

How about you? What are the five things you miss or missed the most?

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


  1. I think if I was to pick 5 things they’d be so similar to yours actually. I miss the freedom to go outside for any reason at any time. I miss meeting up with friends and family in each other’s homes. I miss going out for dinner and drinks with friends. I miss going to church IRL. I miss hugs. I miss travelling and making plans to travel. I miss going out to work with children. When I start thinking about it there’s quite a lot that I miss.
    I’m also grateful though to have a home with a small garden that’s relatively peaceful and that my family are healthy on the whole. I’m grateful for the medical staff that are working their butts off to beat this virus. I’m grateful that there are better days to come.

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    1. Grateful for a lot of things indeed. In these times I learned to appreciate even the littlest of things like the blue sky, the fluffy clouds. I start to see the worst in some people, but the goodness also stand out for most. We will beat this!

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