Virtual Street Art Tour of New Delhi

I was fortunate to have come across AirBnB’s Online Experiences when I was in a state of panic looking for a room during the Manila lockdown. It was a chance to continue exploring and learning more about the world – and first tour that I booked for was Keshav’s, called Visit India’s Largest Street Art Colony. I’ve never had the chance to visit India and when I saw this my curiosity immediately peaked. I love Indian food, I’ve always been fascinated by the colorful festivals, and the styles of the traditional dresses. I think India is so culturally rich, that if given the chance to hop on a plane to go to there tomorrow, I think I’d have a hard time choosing just one location to go to.

During the tour, I was pleasantly surprised to be given glimpse of an Indian wedding ceremony. I’m amazed by the attention to detail on the preparation, the festivities before and during the wedding, the jewelry that the bride and groom wear, and the grandeur of the ceremony itself. For me, it’s like watching a concert, and it was absolutely a great way to kick off our tour to the Lodhi Art District.

Photo by Keshav Aggarwal

Keshav brought us to India’s largest art district which started since 2016. It’s in a quiet, green, residential area where houses’ walls are painted with murals. Every year since 2016, blocks of houses were painted by various artists. He showed us several murals, and what I remember most were: one that show a typical market scene; another was by an artist whose name is Bond – whose murals around the world show only his name; and Keshav’s favorite which showed different words and the way they looked at different times of the day. I thought that was quite smart! After this tour, my love for street art was enhanced. I wish we can also have something like this in the Philippines, an art district that keeps on growing year on year.

If you also love street art, do check out the street art tours offered by AirBnB. I guarantee it’ll be a blast!

Photo by Keshav Aggarwal

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