Online Experience: Korean Folktale

More Minhwa paintings of landscapes and nature

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of embarking in another AirBnB Online Experience. The host, Brian, read to us a Korean Folktale. He taught us a few Korean words that would be useful we go through the details of the folktale, and had us have a go at writing down these words. The other people in the tour did a good job writing it down (while I struggled writing it using Paint). I was fascinated by the illustrated book that he used because it reminded me of the Minhwa painting that I made when I enrolled in a Korean art class at the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2017.

I have been keen on continuing my Korean art classes, waiting for the Korean Cultural Center to open their new space, but then the pandemic happened. In the meantime, I’ve been partly busy catching up on my Korean drama, but I feel like I still have a lot to learn about Korean history and culture. So when I saw Brian’s ad in AirBnB, I didn’t hesitate to register. It was a good decision.

As with most folktales, the story was simple. But catchy! I thought I predicted how it would turn out, but just like some of my favorite Korean dramas, it had an unexpected twist. Furthermore, like the stories from my childhood that are ingrained in my memory, the folktale that Brian read to us had a moral lesson.

Overall it was a fun, interactive experience, which I wouldn’t have done so by myself. I’m glad I found Brian’s tour in AirBnB, and I look forward to the next folktales that he will be reading. If you are interested to experience this for yourself, check out this link to be directed to his tour in AirBnB.

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