Theatre Throwback: Rak of Aegis

Oh, what I would do to be able to watch theatre performances again. During this lockdown I managed to watch a few recorded plays online, but the experience is not the same.

In 2018 I attended acting workshop and since then had high regard to actors – it was not easy! I’ve been meaning to enroll in a theatre acting workshop close to my place of work, because performing in a play or being part of a production is in my art bucket list. I have yet to find time (and detemination) to do so – add the complexity of schedules and plans being pushed back because of the lockdown situation, then I’m estimating this can be kicked off in at least two more years’ time from now.

My friend from the acting workshop Red and I watched the musical Rak of Aegis at the PETA theatre in August 2018. Now that trip to PETA wasn’t easy for me as I had to brave through Manila traffic to get there from my home in the south. But boy was it worth it!

It’s sort of like the Philippines’ version of Mama Mia where all songs played are from the popular rock band: Aegis. The play’s setting is in the slums, and I was amazed by the production because they had rain and flood during the climax and pulled it off quite well. The actors all had great chemistry and I several times I nodded my head to the beat of the songs. Funny when the voice over announced at the start that audience are not allowed to sing along – the songs and performance were so catchy!

So that’s my 2-year belated rave about Rak of Aegis which I thoroughly enjoyed. This is one musical which I would love to watch again, when we are all back to how things were before.

By MrsWayfarer

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      1. I hope so too. I think the last time I saw that on billboards is when Rachel Ann Go was playing the main character. Gah, its been years since I’ve tread NLEX and EDSA.

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  1. i presume it’s in Tagalog? interesting. i love rock musicals, but not so much the very modern ones. Mamma Mia is TORTURE. I took a group of clients to see it live in Melbourne 2 years back. but JC Superstar is amazing! and Rocky Horror OF COURSE

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