Favorite Airline

ANA parked

As it seems I’m most likely not going to be able to fly anywhere this year, I’ve resorted to reminiscing about flights, and thinking about what my favorite airline is. I’d say it’s All Nippon Airways. I think it started when I first heard their onboarding music. And in all my flights with them, their service is top notch.

Some years ago they were upselling business class seats from Seattle to Tokyo for $400. I impulsively booked for me and D. Other than the more comfortable seats of course, and the better food options, I’d say service was about the same. The flight attendants were always pleasant be it in the economy or business class. The toilets were also clean.

So whenever I go to Tokyo, be it for vacation or business trips, I’d grab a flight with ANA as much as possible. I discovered last year that arriving at Haneda will bring me to Tokyo faster than from Narita – I can take a cab and be in Ginza in as short as 20 minutes coming from Haneda.

Anyway, here’s the catchy (and almost dreamlike, for me) in onboarding music. This YouTube video is from Emmanuel777. Listening to it now, I long to fly once again to Japan. I wish. Soon.

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. That’s quite the boarding video! And the dog’s real cute ^_^ It can be really frustrating not to be able to travel these days, I hope it goes back to normal soon. Or at least that it doesn’t go any worse.

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