Run Free, Baby P

Our dear little English Bulldog, Pedro, is now in dog heaven.

When we adopted him on December 2017, he quickly warmed to us and his ‘cousins’ Rex and Theon. In fact he easily settled in that he claimed Theon’s play area at the backyard. He was stubborn and determined, yet he never incited any conflict with his cousins.

Pedro was a survivor. In January 2018, he was diagnosed with canine distemper. He was given IV treatments at the time, and I begged him to fight and live for at couple of years more. He was almost ten, and I knew it was a stretch for a bulldog. But he was determined to live it through, and he gave us nothing but joy over the last couple of years.

He got his way into D’s heart with his cheeky but sweet antics. I think he was closer to D than with me, but that was more than ok. He was so much loved – by me and D, and his mums in Laguna and Australia.

Up until the last, Pedro was proud and brave. Yes D carried him around when his legs would not hold him up for long, but he didn’t want to be babied. We haven’t heard him bark during the last couple of weeks, but he never faltered connecting with us through the soulful gaze of his eyes.

It broke my heart watching him being put to sleep earlier today, but I know he lived a life being loved. And now he is no longer in pain. Shortly after he crossed over, a butterfly flew by. Though I still feel devastated, it gave me comfort. My Pedro is now running free.

Our little bundle of joy, Pedro.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


  1. I’m so sorry for your loss! Pets are like our kids. We love them unconditionally and they love us back. Mine bichon is 13 1/2 and dread the day I have to say goodbye. My heart goes out to you! 💜


      1. I agree with that. Once Heaven takes her place in doggy heaven, we won’t get another for a while. She is super special because she was young when my granddaughter passed away over 11 years ago. Heaven got me through that very difficult time. So I will lose my rock, but such as life & death. 😊

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      2. Thanks. She would be 11 now. My daughter was blessed with 3 girls and we lost the last one too. She has had 5 girls. The latest one would be one next month. Different circumstances. First one SYDS & last one was a rare disease with zero percent survival rate. But we have 3 healthy granddaughters! 😊

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