Theatre Throwback: M Butterfly

I look back into the plays and musicals I’ve watched over the last two years and realized I didn’t write about M Butterfly. I watched this alone at the Maybank Performing Arts Theatre at Bonifacio Global City on September 2018. Back then I was still within my 1 year work hiatus so I had all the time to immerse myself more into arts. When I read about this play, I was intrigued by the story hence my immediate booking.

The story was about a Chinese opera singer who disguised himself as a woman and lured a French diplomat into falling in love. The lead actor was RS Francisco, and of the cast the only one I know of is Pinky Amador.

While M Butterfly wasn’t my favorite play from the last two years, what I’ll remember most about it was M Butterfly’s beautiful costumes that were colorful, tasteful and appealing to my eyes.

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By MrsWayfarer

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  1. 2018- that actually was the year I saw the most musicals. That was the Oklahoma, Grease, Newsies, Lion King, and A Christmas Story- The Musical.

    I usually write a review on the shows I have seen- just not for the plays. Only for opera and musical- my heart is in musical theatre

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      1. Last year, I actually saw four musicals: Fiddler on the Roof, Miss Saigon, Aladdin, and Les Mis. Usually on average, I see 2-4 musicals a year.

        This year only consisted of one musical: Come From Away, a Christmas Present from my parents: it was supposed to be two: I also got tickets to Frozen, but that got postponed.

        La Bohème tickets were unexpected because my parents were only going to take me to either Come From Away or La Bohème. My mom and I were given tickets by a church member.

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