Throwback Travels: Sydney, Australia

Been to Sydney once in 2016 for work – and was lucky to have had a weekend in between work days. Needless to say that weekend was pretty packed, but it was more than enough to make that trip to Australia quite memorable.

On Saturday morning, my sister arrived from Melbourne. I moved to my new hotel at Pitt Street, which I preferred more as it was walking distance to places I’d go for dinner over the next few nights. Anyway, my sister was there for only a day so we headed out right away on to Bondi Beach. I admit I was just curious as to what it was all about as I kept hearing about it, and I thought it’s gonna be just another beach. But I liked it, especially its coastal view. We had a seafood platter lunch next to the beach. The weather at the time was cool, and we enjoyed the coastal walk from Bondi – to supposedly Coogee, but we didn’t make it all the way as we were pressed for time.

Next stop: a walk through the Royal Botanic Garden all the way to Sydney Opera House. From there we could see the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

On Sunday after my sister left I met up with a friend and we had lunch at a Sunday market. And then I took her advice to ride a ferry to Taronga Zoo so I can have a good view of the Sydney skyline. She was right!

That 2016 trip to Sydney was good fun. I enjoyed the outdoor activities and good food with my sister and my friends. My sister liked it as well that’s why she brought my folks there when they visited Australia soon after. Good times!

Bondi Beach
Coastal walk
Sydney Skyline
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Opera House

By MrsWayfarer

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