Long Shot

sun and clouds
sun peeking through the clouds

Incredible how time flies. Took a while for me to realize we’re almost halfway through August. On a good note, I’ve been able to catch up on my reading from last weekend and every weeknight – hence my absence from the blog sphere. And a better note was when my boss reminded me yesterday that I was on leave today and tomorrow. I totally forgot about that. So, yay! I’m welcoming my long weekend with arms wide open.

Stayed up last night until past 1 in the morning, hoping that the monsoon clouds would miraculously disappear so I could, even just a few minutes, be able to watch the Perseid meteor shower. While waiting, my mind wandered back to the good old university days when, after Thursday night drinks and while sobering up, my friends and I would hang out at the UP field, gaze up the sky and have a contest as to who would be able to catch sight of the most number of shooting stars.

And then my mind brought me back to Bantayan Island, Cebu, where the sky was clearer and the stars brighter due to the absence of city lights.

My original plan was to stay up until 2AM because the news said that it would be the peak time for the meteor shower. But then more clouds loomed taking away my hope seeing any shooting stars. My eyes strained to see anything past the clouds, but all I could see until I decided it’s just not meant for me were a couple of bright stars, nothing more.

I haven’t seen a meteor shower for decades now. Have you seen the Perseid meteor shower where you are? I bet it’s awesome!

By MrsWayfarer

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