Live Penguin TV

Thanks to my friend Ira who shared with me the YouTube link, I revisited Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia today.

The first time I’ve been to Phillip Island was in 2011 when I temporarily lived in Melbourne. My then boss treated me and a colleague friend to a daytour here so we can see the cute little penguins do their daily way home. Mind you it was winter at that time, but since we would not let this opportunity pass Cy and I grabbed it gratefully. Thank goodness another colleague lent us some thick jackets. Very helfpul to keep this tropic girl warm.

Before we got there we stopped by a Koala Conservation Reserve, and at Churchill Island where I got to see peacocks, sheep, handfed wallabees, and came closer to kangaroos.

And then off we went to Phillip Island where we waited until the sun set, seated at the bleachers huddled in our coats, scarves, and beanies, a hot drink in our hands. Our eyes were all drawn to the sea, and I remember heaving a small hurray when I finally caught sight of the group of penguins wading on the water, their white bellies giving them away, cautious as to how they’d make their way home. I watched them walk awkwardly back to shore, finding strength in numbers.

During today’s live TV, I was quite nostalgic. The charm of these small penguins – they’re the littlest in the world – never fail to bring a smile to my face. And I can ‘see’ them closer this time thanks to my TV. I held my breath as the parade got bigger with more penguins getting back home. Oh the wonders of Mother Nature!

Hope I can share the joy of watching nature at its best with you. If this interests you, please feel free to watch the smallest penguins parade at the YouTube channel of Phillip Island Nature Parks.

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. This looks like a really beautiful adventure. I’ve always wanted to see Penguins in real life. They’re such cute and fascinating creatures. Thanks for the video link.

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  2. Thank you for the wonderful post. It is so nostalgic for me because as a child I camped on Phillip Island with my family before there was anything remotely touristy about it. We used to sit down with a couple of other families to watch the penguins waddle up the beach and get snuggled down in their sand burrows.

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