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Hi friends! I know I haven’t been writing these last few days because I’m catching up on my reading. Thing is, I recently discovered a lot of free books in Amazon, and I’ve failed at stopping myself from impulse buying books on sale that I found myself with little to no space left on my bookshelves.

I started off reading my books (I left the kindle books for later) and finally finished a handful. So first thing I did was sell them off at a low price. I do this everytime because 1) I believe books are meant to be shared, and 2) I really like to declutter.

It felt quite exhilarating, having quickly sold a couple of books I really enjoyed: Please Look After Mom by Shin Kyung-Sook, and The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn. I hope my buyers like them as much as I did.

I found my new passion amidst being still stuck at home. I’ve loaded up on books (and they keep coming) so I’m pretty happy sitting in the corner of my room, reading music softly playing from my Spotify, and a cup of tea on the side while I read away. For now I’m reading mostly fiction and poetry. For fiction I’m into suspense, drama and fantasy. Reading takes me to another world, and I take it as a break from my daily routine.

Have you recently read a book that’s blown you away? Please let me know what you recommend.

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  1. I agree, unless I love a book completely, most of the time I pass mine on. I just finished Kate Atkinson Transcription last weekend; it was very good. This week I’m reading the Meryl Streep Film Club by Mia March; as I felt I needed something light after the intensity of Transcription.

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