Garden Delights

Since Sunday of last week, my home internet connection stopped working. And though I tried every tactic I can think of to have it fixed, my pleas are probably buried under all the requests and complaints of home-based folks experiencing the same technical issues as I have – with some going on for 4 weeks and counting. Now I wasn’t that bothered – yet – because I have a backup internet connection at my city apartment, and we also managed to buy a pocket wifi as a third contigency. And as I’ve shared in my previous post, I’ve been working from home for longer hours recently, and after work I’m eagerly reading my myriad of books as a way to unwind. So I’ve not had the chance to watch anything much from Netflix, HBOGo or Amazon Prime. I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of hours yesterday (while having lunch) watching a new Korean zombie film that’s been trending in Netflix – #Alive.

But that’s not what my post today is about. This weekend is literally my time to stop and smell the flowers. Walking around my backyard had become a daily routine since the lockdown started, and I missed it for a few days as I was stuck in the city apartment. So this weekend I welcome the breath of fresh air, take in the calming feeling from my backyard plants, and listening to the chirps of birds (and cackle of my hens).

I was hand-washing my new shirt (D and I bought couples’ shirt walking home to our city apartment one day) and I noticed a white butterfly fluttering next to our newly bloomed sunflowers. I had a smile when, after looking closely, I saw that it had tinges of yellow. When I hung the shirt to dry, look what I found – an atis (or sugar-apple in English). This one’s a small green fruit that’s sweet to the taste. It also has a lot of seeds.

Later in the morning, as I was reading my latest book, I saw a large golden dragonfly atop my aloe vera plant. When I was a child, dragonflies were a usual sight in my grandma’s garden. These days I count the times I see dragonflies, and every time I see one I never fail to feel nostalgic of my childhood days. This beautiful creature, I managed to take a photo of.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a calm and stress-free Sunday!

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By MrsWayfarer

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  1. I hope your internet connection is restored soon, very soon. I am so glad you have a backup! I have seen a LOT of dragonflies this summer. Many people have commented on the large number of them. They are a joy to see. I enjoyed reading your post and I wish you a calm and pleasant Sunday, and a wonderful week!

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