Laid Back Saturday

I realized I’ve been missing out over the last two weeks being stuck at my workstation. So today is all about catching up on the more important things in life, like time spent with D and the dogs, breathing in the fresh air from the backyard garden, eating home cooked meals, and giving the mind and body a break.

Started with a good light breakfast and took off for a short stroll around the block with our new adopted dog Nacho in tow. It was a good walk – the birds were singing and we had the block to ourselves. Later on we distantly ‘bumped’ into our next door neighbor Rose who was watering her plants. Exchanged a few pleasantries several meters apart, and in my thought bubble I wondered if she wasn’t in her yard and I met her somewhere else I wouldn’t have recognized her. Aside from not seeing her in months since the lockdown, it would probably take a special skill these days to be able to identify anyone in a heartbeat as all of us in Metro Manila are wearing our masks (and in public places the mandatory faceshields top it up).

After the walk around the block I checked out the backyard and was pleasantly surprised some of our fruit bearing trees have yielded fruits once again. The herbs and veggies have likewise flourished – the perks of the rainy season! I admire my aunt’s green thumb – she really does magic around the yard.

D wanted to bring me to his newly discovered fruit vendor some blocks away and I figured I’d take the scooter while he rides his bicycle. The weather was kinder this morning and granted us minutes of sunlight, good for our day’s dose of vitamin D.

The highlight of this morning? These oh so sweet lanzones that I haven’t tasted in a long time. My Saturday’s definitely started well, and I can’t wait to catch up on my reading.

Sweet Lanzones fruit

I hope you have a great day!

By MrsWayfarer

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