Highlight of My Day

Today, my friends, is Day 2 of my long vacation. I had to file my leaves mid year and even though chances of flying was slim to none, I’m glad I lodged this two week off from working from home.

And since I’m feeling a bit courageous D and I headed to the mall to run some chores. I only had 4 things with me – my face mask, face shield, keys, and mobile phone. The pandemic encouraged more people to go cashless or use mobile wallet so whenever I go out it’s much lighter.

The stores were still mostly empty but there is a bit more people out and about than in previous weeks. When I got to Greenbelt park this caught my eye and I just had to take a photo. I realized in a couple of months it’ll be Christmas!

Christmas decor shop at Greenbelt

This was a heartwarming sight. I miss hearing Christmas songs, which used to play nonstop as early as September, in previous years. I guess they’re still playing in the department stores, but I haven’t heard them much in the rare instances I go out. This inspired me to me create a new playlist on Spotify – something to play in the background as I catch up on reading books during my break.

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. I am not ready to even think about Christmas yet, though it has been niggling at me here and there. Mostly I don’t want to think about it because I’m afraid it will not be like other years. No big family gatherings or outings with friends. It will be quieter than usual. I am still trying to wrap my head around Christmas in the midst of a pandemic. It will definitely be different. My challenge to myself is to find a way to make it joyous anyway. .


    1. Oh yes, Halloween! Sadly it’s not gonna be big here (I think) this year. I hardly saw any Halloween decors, and I dont think kids are up for any trick of treat with all the limitations now. At least there are still some Halloween themed shows to watch on TV.

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    1. Hahaha you have a point! I guess when I go back to work after next week I’ll be back to reality where days feel like weeks and months feel like years (and weekends feel like minutes)


  2. It’s crazy that people are already setting up Christmas decorations when here in the US, Halloween and Thanksgiving haven’t even happened yet! This year’s Christmas will definitely be a weird one due to the pandemic, but I do hope that we can continue to celebrate it all the same…stay safe!

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