Portland and Rainy Days

Holiday Day 1: Typhoon Molave (locally called Quinta) has landed and it’s been windy and rainy since last night. My dogs are curled next to me as I read from my Kindle, the Carpenters music Rainy Days and Mondays streaming from my Spotify.

Today’s weather bring me back to trips where my plans to explore were almost cancelled because of the rain and I had no umbrella. I used to end up buying and leaving behind an umbrella (or two), until last year when my aunt gave me a sturdy foldable one which I would tuck in my check-in baggage for my business trips.

Most memorable rainy day travel was Portland, Oregon, in 2016. It rained the whole 3 days we were there, but that didn’t stop D and me from walking about. A side trip to Portland before we headed up to Vancouver to visit family was a good decision – I loved the city’s vibe, cafes, shops (my favorite was Powell’s City of Books), food, and bikepaths. Months later on I’d binge watch the TV series Grimm which had film locations in Portland which made me relate to the show more. I don’t know if we’d get a chance to visit Portland again, and we’re lucky to have gone at least once.

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. I visited Portland the summer of 2017…it was still quite overcast and dreary then! Good to see that rain didn’t stop you from enjoying the famous Oregon city, and I hope you got to savor the rich (and quirky) doughnuts at Voodoo!

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