Casa Manila Museum

We planned to go to Intramuros, Manila’s historic walled area, but last minute research showed that museums and tourist spots are still closed. I wanted to revisit Casa Manila, a preseved Filipino ancestral house a few steps away from San Agustin Church. The last time we went here was in 2018, and I distinctly remember the musuem’s strict rules: we were not allowed to take photos, and were instructed not step out of the red carpet. Needless to say I only had one proper photo of the museum – the patio.

Casa Manila, Intramuros

The ones I remember from that tour were the airy rooms with wooden floors where guests were entertained; the master’s bedroom; the double toilets; and the water catcher stored at the top floor. Luckily, while the musuems are still closed, the video below by Tourism Philippines is available in YouTube so tourists like me can still explore Casa Manila virtually. I actually learned more from this video, and it was great to see the museum interiors up close once again.


    • I agree. I like looking through my photos to relive the memory, so for places I’ve been to that won’t allow photos, I will most probably just remember how I felt when I was there but will probably forget most of what I saw


  1. I see that the architecture is Spanish-inspired…although I shouldn’t be surprised, as it was once part of the Spanish colonies. Love the structure, and I’d love to visit its interior to see more of its beauty!

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  2. It’s just sad that places like these refuse being photographed. Oh well, there are other museums in the area such as Destileria Limtuaco Museum and Bahay Tsinoy (albeit the latter prohibits flash photography.)

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