Paco Park, Manila

The Paco Park and Cemetery was once my go to place some years ago when I had surgery at a nearby hospital. Having studied at Los Banos Laguna for my bachelors degree, Manila was a unknown territory for me back then. It was only in 2016 when I started paying more attention to Manila, and this park quietly tucked along General Luna Street was the first place that I got to know.

The cemetery was completed following the cholera epidemic in 1820. It was the burial ground of the affluent until 1912, and for some time the remains of the Philippines’ National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal was interred here.

The St. Pancrarius Chapel is a prominent feature of the Paco Park. It is a famous location for intimate weddings. Due to COVID the park is currently closed, as with all other parks and museums in Manila. I look forward to the day when it opens its doors to the public once again.

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