Throwback Travels: Washington DC

We’ve only started watching House of Cards on Netflix now, which inspired me to write about my one and only express trip to Washington DC, USA, back in 2014. It was yet another whirlwind trip, our main agenda was to visit relatives in Virginia. Back in 2014, I was more of a shopper, so I spent most of my time there in malls and restaurants. I had my very first ever taste of peking duck at Peking Gourmet Inn at Falls Church, VA. I didn’t know what the fuss was all about but after my first bite of the peking duck roll I instantly became a fan.

Back in 2014 I have not yet appreciated trips to museum which was a shame. Looking back now I regret not spending a longer time and properly visiting the Smithsonian, or the National Gallery of Art. I imagine now I can probably spend hours or days in museums and would have a blast. I hope I can go back to DC next time (and soon)! My list of places to go to and go back to keeps getting longer, but for sure my next non-work trip to the US will include DC. We enjoyed our east coast trip last year and D and I are keen on getting to know the region more in our future travels.

Here are a few photos of my very short visit to DC. I also enjoyed our short trip to some of the more touristy places in Washington DC, and at the Old Town in Alexandria.

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By MrsWayfarer

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  1. My son worked in D.C. for a while and whenever I would visit, I would choose one or two of the Smithsonian museums, spending hours there. I never made it for the sakura, cherry trees blooming, but there’s another reason to go back some day!

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