Day Spa at T House

Prior to this pandemic I used to have a regular back and shoulder home service massage every weekend. I’d ask for a hard pressure as my shoulders are almost always so stiff perhaps due to poor posture and sitting in front of the computer all weekdays. That weekly pampering stopped as early as last December.

So this post is about one of the most exciting activities I’ve had post lockdown – a day spa at T House, Tagaytay, one rainy weekend this December.

It was an impromptu booking. D and I tried our luck to check in early at a hotel in Tagaytay but found our room wouldn’t be available for at least a couple of hours. Luckily T House was a short drive away and when I called them they confirmed they had a couple of free slots that morning. So off we went and D had his usual foot massage, while I had my long overdue back massage.

I first knew about T House around 2006-2007 when I had a teambuilding/planning session there with former colleagues. The place has since expanded and now they have an events area, a restaurant and a pool. Early this year the eruption of Taal Volcano damaged the property and it took months for them to rebuild. They reopened in October and this month they started accepting hotel check-ins once again.

My masseuse expertly kneaded the knots on my upper back and I almost fell asleep as the music lulled me. I imagined I was a royal during the Tang dynasty and savored every minute of that session. Afterwards she gave me a hot cup of green tea.

To cap our visit to T House we had our lunch there and were pleased with the variety of food options. I also liked how they set up their tables with mini flower vases such that I was inspired to purchase one at a Japan Surplus store on our way back to Manila the next day.

It’s been our second time to go to Tagaytay within a month and in a couple of days we’ll be back for some vintage items shopping. Needless to say it’s become our favorite weekend destination this year.

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