Manila Film Center

We were supposed to do a staycation at Sofitel last weekend, but when I called to confirm our booking we were advised they were still not accepting tourists. It’s quite understandable given the COVID status here in Manila, so I cancelled our booking and did the same for our future dated Manila Hotel stay.

So instead of a staycation we decided to drive around Manila, particularly along the Land Reclamation area next to Manila Bay. In between the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the World Trade Center is the abandoned Manila Film Center. I’ve always been intrigued by this place so we parked nearby to walk around the building and take photos.

The building was in a sad, delapidated state. As we walked around the exterior halls of the Manila Film Center, I shudder at the thought of its tragic history. Imelda Marcos had it built for the First Manila International Film Festival in 1982, but in November 17, 1981 an accident occurred where many laborers died. According to urban legend, most of the bodies were covered with cement, so in essence this stands as a grand mausoleum.

The place exuded an uncomfortable atmosphere so we left after only a few minutes. This is probably the one place that I’ve visited where I felt an odd sense of unease. Even the beautiful view of the Manila skyline couldn’t distract me from this place’s eerie vibe.

Have you ever had a similar experience where the place just gave you goosebumps?

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