Garden Flowers and Nacho

Today is a Philippines Holiday – Day of Valor. I’m thankful for the time to re-energize, catch up on my reading, walk around to check out the new blooms in my garden, and more time playing with this little guy who’s been keeping me company at my home office every day. He keeps me on my toes (literally) because after some time listening in on my conference calls he’ll get bored and demand my attention so I have to get up.

Meet Nacho, the most recent fur baby to our “pack”. We rescued him from a puppy mill late last year. Before going home to us, he was caged all his life, surrounded by bigger dogs. At first he was scared of the TV, the thunder, and even the sound of the kitchen cabinet closing. Sometimes he’d startle himself and run off.

Now he’s used to the the sound of TV (but the thunder is still a hit or miss). He comfortably snuggles on his bed and blanket, and sometimes even sleeps next to his mum and dad. He freely roams the backyard, and he’s also gotten along well with Meow, Rex (our senior lab), and the hens. He’s a bouncing ball of energy and his favorite time of the day (other than breakfast and dinner) is when we play ball with him at the backyard.

And speaking of backyard, these are the colorful finds in my garden as of this morning, I’m glad to see these beauties finally in bloom. While checking them out Nacho was exploring the ground, oblivious of the burst of colors and the sounds of birds chirping around him.

Have a good weekend, my friends!

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