Colonial Houses

Casa Tuguegarao

Time flies, and this post is long overdue. Can’t believe it’s been more than a month since we had our last roadtrip up north. And so before my memory about these beautiful revived colonial houses fade, it’s best to write it down and share with you all. They’re truly one of a kind.

Let me share with you more photos of the reconstructed houses of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. D and I luckily found an overnight deal and were able to use it before the lockdown restrictions were once again enforced in Metro Manila. We got good rates for a stay in one of the casas, Casa Tuguegarao.

The casas were named after the places they were recovered from. Tuguegarao is a province in the northern part of Luzon Island of the Philippines. These houses were bought by Acuzar and they carefully put them back together in this resort.

Check out the neighboring casas. It felt line we were in an old Spanish town, similar to Vigan and Taal Town. Both views during nighttime and daytime were so pretty. At dusk, there was this tree near our casa where hundreds of birds called balinsasayaw flew about with chirps so loud (but still sounded like music to my ears).

This bridge is one of my favorites as it has statues of Filipino mythical creatures on its side. The creatures were from stories I was told when I was younger. Some of them frightened me, like the story of the tikbalang, a creature that was half man and half horse.

More pictures taken from the resort, showcasing Spanish colonial houses. D’s favorite is Casa Hagonoy while my favorite is Casa Lemery.

The resort only had a handful of guests. A staff told us that before COVID all the casas were occuppied by guests especially on weekends and holidays, and the cobbled streets would be full of cyclists. Hopefully we’ll get to see the same hustle and bustle in the near future.

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. The photos you took at night are stunning! There’s a certain brooding beauty to photos taken in the dark, as opposed to those in the daylight. The colonial houses are lovely, and I enjoyed this virtual tour around your neck of the woods!

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    1. Thank you Rebecca! Night views are awesome, and my phone camera tried its best to give the shots justice. One thing I have yet to crack is how to take photos of the moon. Glad to have you with me in this tour

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