Book Sale

I’ve always been into vintage shopping, and a couple of years ago I also had a go at selling preloved items online. Recently I realized my small bookshelf’s space had run out (books tightly packed in, all of them gathering dust) and decided to do an instant decluttering. I quickly took photos of them and within minutes of posting them online a booklover like me bought most of them! My buyer also taught me how to close the transaction thru a popular shopping app (I learned something new that day). My main goal of freeing up space was achieved, and I always feel happy when I get to share books. The thrill of closing a deal is always satisfying, I think I’ll get to do this again sometime soon. I know I’ve been reading much from my kindle lately, now this gives me motivation to finally complete reading the books I still have in my shelf. Plus, I think I know where to put the proceeds of my mini sale. I’m excited!

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


    1. She taught me to sell it on an online selling platform that’s big here in the PH. It has shipping built in it so the courier fee is included in her payment and the books were picked up from my home.


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