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Hi friends. Last week I took a leap of faith and, drumroll please, booked our first domestic trip which will include an airplane trip. For the longest time I’ve turned a blind eye on travel rates flooding my social media but this ad that I came across was just hard to ignore. I don’t remember what they’re called – is it travel bubble, where everything from airfare to land transfers to hotels and tours are included? I saw one for Bohol, Visayas. It will only be for three days and two nights, but we’re more than up for it. Coordinating with the travel agency felt so surreal. I’ve been used to booking our airfare and hotels that this one seemed new to me once again. I wonder how the experience going will feel like. Not the actual stay in Bohol but getting there and flying back. I had to triple check if I needed to book a hotel to quarantine flying back from Bohol. And guess what! Another PCR swab test 72 hours prior to flying. Ugh. My least favorite part in traveling nowadays.

Anyway, going back to positive vibes. I hope the situation here gets better really soon, and I know more and more people are getting finally vaccinated. Fingers crossed we’d get to explore more places that are just a long drive away like my forever dream destination Caramoan and Calaguas Islands in Bicol. Hopefully, soon (within 2021, I wish).

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  1. Yes, you must be ecstatic to be traveling again! Even if it’s domestic, it’s still a big trip in itself, especially with an airplane ride! Keep us updated on how it goes!


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