Memories of Matsumoto

When I started this blog, my intention was to write as much as I could about my favorite things in life: Travel, Art and Nature. Now that it’s been almost two years and counting since I have not hopped on a plane to explore different parts of the world, my interests have evolved to rocks and crystals, books and food. Until about a month ago when I visited Shambala, Silang, I rekindled my passion for art. These days, we’ve been going to different galleries and collecting art pieces for our home. D has always been very supportive, as he sees it like a treasure hunt. I love how time flies when we’re in a gallery, when we would not notice how long we’ve been staring in awe piece after piece.

While talking to artists, I learned about commissioned paintings. We came across the works of Jovan Benito, a Filipino artist, and I was in love. I did not need to convince D on having our first piece commissioned: a piece that would depict a favorite thing we do during our travels, and one of our best travel destinations. The first idea that came to mind was cycling, and for travel destination: Matsumoto, Japan.

This now hangs in our home office – an early Christmas gift that always makes me smile, and brings me happy thoughts that someday soon, we can do this again.

Our first commissioned painting: Jovan Benito’s Memories of Matsumoto

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. How beautiful! It’s true that starting a blog with the intent to write about certain topics may not end up being that completely, but it’s always a pleasure to see how you end up years down the line with your writing. The artwork looks adorable!

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    1. Thank you Rebecca! This is where our travel savings go to these days. I got to learn more about Art now so I can hopefully add more blogs along this topic. Always a continuous learning in blogging, I love it.

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  2. What a lovely painting, it made me smile! We may be able to travel comfortably again, but it will be a while, I’m sure. As a former art student and occasional art dabbler, I wish you well in your art journey!

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