One of the reasons I’ve been so looking forward to this weekend, is that a week ago, we received invitations from Art Elaan Gallery to their sister gallery Galerie Roberto’s big artfest of the year: The Manila’Bang Show. I was giddy with excitement when I saw the lineup of local and international artists whose works would be displayed in the show, and in heartbeat I said yes while frantically reviewing my schedule to free up my Saturday.

Yesterday, D and I headed to the Festival Mall in Filinvest Alabang early. Since the show starts at 1PM, we checked out the other galleries nearby first and had lunch and coffee. I also had the honor of being able to speak with Cici Lane, an international-based participating artist, over the phone while waiting for the event to start.

The Manila’Bang Show’s list of participating artists

When we got to the artfest, I felt like I was in wonderland, as the venue was huge and there were hundreds of beautiful pieces that surrounded us. D and I were lost in our own thoughts and reflections as we gazed at the paintings and sculptures on display. That afternoon had been truly a feast to the eyes and soul.

There were some pieces that stood out for me most, such that I went back to them several times: the paintings of Cezar Arro, and the paintings and sculptures of Ferdinand Cacnio. I hope someday soon I will have one of their paintings in my home.

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