Hello, Tokyo

Finally made it back to Japan twice in the last three months. The purpose of those trips were for work so I was alone, and there was hardly time to explore. Nonetheless it was good to be back to my favorite travel destination.

View from ANA Sky, en route to Tokyo

On my first visit I arrived at Narita which was about an hour’s ride away from Tokyo. I learned the hard way years ago by taking the regular train from Narita to my hotel, and that ride took long to get to Tokyo. So for this trip I purchased roundtrip Narita Express tickets to get to Tokyo Station, and in a little more than an hour I made it to my hotel. I checked in around six thirty, just in time to take a stroll out on the streets of Ginza before grabbing dinner.

The next couple of days were all work. There was one thing spectacular that happened while I was eating breakfast on Day 2. Where I was seated I had a view of the Tokyo Tower and I was taking a photo with my phone. When I zoomed in my eye caught sight of Mt Fuji looming behind. And for a minute I just stared in awe. It was the first time I’ve ever seen it, and I was simply captivated. I looked for it again on Days 3 and 4 but it wasn’t visible anymore.

Tokyo Tower and Mt Fuji

Day 4 was my departure day and I had time to explore before heading off to the airport. Near my hotel was the Hama-rikyu Gardens. I’ve always been keen on visiting this park but I used to stay farther from it. It is a landscape garden with ponds and teahouse. During the Edo period, the garden was used as duck hunting grounds. The park sits right next to the Tokyo Bay.

It was a good quiet morning stroll at Hama-rikyu Gardens. I liked the red contrast of some trees’ leaves, and the reflection of the buildings on the park’s pond. My visit there was a perfect way to cap my first trip back to Tokyo.

My second trip back to the city happened to be during the coldest week of winter – as my colleagues described it. There was light snow on some areas. The cold reminded me of why I wasn’t keen on traveling during winter when during my first night I opted to walk home from the office to the hotel (just a good 5 kilometers). Halfway through the wind was blowing and pushing me forward, and just when I decided to get a cab I couldn’t find one. So I mustered up of all the self-encouraging words I could think of as I trudged along, and as soon as I saw my hotel’s lobby my feeling of relief was intense.

Needless to say the next few days I opted to settle in my hotel at night so there really was not much exploring done. I did enjoy the food during the second visit though. My favorite was the food from Unagi Shinkawa at Exitmelsa in Ginza. I also discovered Suntory beer and now consider it as my go-to drink. Fortunately I can get them here in the Philippines!

Unagi meal

That sums up my recent trips to Japan. Each visit made me determined to go back as a tourist. D and I are planning our annual trip and hopefully we can make it there in time for Sakura. また会いましょう、日本

By MrsWayfarer

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  1. Ah, it’s been almost seven years since I last set foot in Japan! Even if your trip was for work, you still got to check out a bit of Tokyo, which is better than not at all! The unagi dish looks delicious (I just had dinner, and now I’m hungry again, haha!) and it’s incredible you saw Mt. Fuji: that mountain is always so elusive! Hope you have another trip back, and this time to properly explore!

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    1. It was a grand moment as Mt Fuji is indeed elusive (had several attempts before). You’re right about work travel. I’m excited to try out different restaurants when I am there, and there’s too many to choose from in such a short amount of time 😋

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  2. I know how frustrating travel for work can be, the best part of the day is taken up by work and only fragments of time are left at the end of the day. You have to be lucky enough to take the weekend before or after to enjoy it a little. Also Tokyo is such an overwelming city that it takes a while to get the feel of it, I was there for a few weeks but I only saw the surface.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try to enjoy what I could at the end of the day. It’s quite different compared to traveling as a tourist (sans work laptop which is a major plus). I agree there’s too much to explore and do in Tokyo. We used to go yearly and we intend to do it again this year onwards to get to know the country as much possible as we could in short spans of vacation time.

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