Random Thoughts: Happiness Part 1


I was walking around BGC and came across this lovely art work. It made me realize that like love (as with Love Actually’s opening scene), with every turn, happiness is actually all around. 

So here’s a first of my random thoughts series on what happiness means for me. 

Just around the corner

It’s waking up each morning to the sound of birds chirping;

A warm cup of tea or coffee, a croissant or two;

A home cooked meal, with some of the ingredients from my backyard garden harvest;

My dogs looking lovingly up to me, tails wagging, and a bit of drool;

Sunlight on my face, or in yesterday’s case a light drizzle;

Walking where my feet can take me;

Quiet meals spent with family and loved ones;

A call from distant relatives or long lost friends just to say hello;

Crafting DIY Christmas gifts for the people I care for;

And every day I get to live to be able to fulfill a purpose, whichever way I can.

By MrsWayfarer

Living Free and Making a Difference


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