Random Thoughts: Happiness Part 3

Artwork by Nate Frizzell

I regularly pass by this lovely piece of art by Nate Frizzell called “Charlotte”, and whenever I see it I start thinking of the many people, events, and things that bring happiness in my life.

Artwork by Nate Frizzell

The wind blowing on my face as the bicycle speeds downhill.

Hearing the waterfalls after miles of hiking, and finally seeing its grandeur up close.

A quiet night away from the city lights, and looking up to stars.

Reminiscing and laughing about childhood memories during a family gathering.

A rainbow in the sky, seen after hours of driving back home.

A night out with friends, singing to the strums of a guitar.

Completing a successful project after watching and learning about it from YouTube.

A trip to the museum with loved ones, on a traffic-free holiday morning.

Seeing fish jumping up and ‘dancing’ as I hover my flashlight on the sea after twilight.

The taste of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Running my hand through the soft and clean fur of my dogs, after they dried up from their baths.

Receiving a personally-made card and/or from my niece.

The smile in D’s eyes as he sees me from afar, when we both get to our agreed meeting place.

Check out the other sources of happiness in my first and second blog of the Random Thoughts on Happiness series. 

Thank you for reading and I wish you a happy, blessed day!



By MrsWayfarer

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